Case Study: C-Suite Experience


Elevate: Executive Leadership Retreat for Next Generation Black Healthcare Executives

OVERVIEW – The Elevate Black Health System Leaders Program is an initiative founded by current and former Black executives of major healthcare systems to: enhance the readiness and acumen of Black healthcare leaders to succeed in C-suite positions; grow and develop a network and pipeline of talented Black healthcare executives; and to expose participants to a perspective not taught in other forums.

In response to the underrepresentation of Black professionals in healthcare executive roles, the founders of the Elevate Black Health System Leaders Program recognized the need for a specialized leadership retreat for a cohort of prestigious healthcare executives. This exclusive invite only experience is designed to support and empower the next generation of Black healthcare executives to progress in their roles. 

PROJECT GOALThe primary objective was to curate an executive-level business retreat complete with 5-star accommodations, three days of strategic executive leadership training, an offsite themed special event and dining experience. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Ms. Dyson and came to know her as a valuable and trusted addition to our team. She is honest, knowledgeable, dependable, and incredibly hardworking. Her knowledge and understanding of meetings and expertise in vendor contract negotiation was a huge advantage to our meetings team. She put this skill set to work as she negotiated new vendor contracts to the savings of 15% annually. Along with her undeniable talent, Tyra has always been an absolute joy to work with. She is a true team player, and always fosters collaborative and positive discussions and brings the best out of fellow employees.

John Cesaretti Managing Director, Business Development and Convenings, National School Boards Association

Our Process

How we made it happen...

Planning & Logistics

From the inception of the event, TDC expertly handled the development and distribution of Requests for Proposal (RFPs), negotiating contracts with hotel and offsite vendors to secure the best possible terms. Throughout the entire process, our dedicated event managers collaborated closely with the host’s assigned liaisons, providing comprehensive support, and overseeing every aspect of the event’s execution. Our skilled team managed the coordination of all food and beverage functions, and signage placement, ensuring a delightful culinary experience and overseeing the creation and installation of impactful visuals that enhanced the event atmosphere. Lastly, we promptly addressed participant inquiries, providing clear and concise information to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Budgeting & Sponsorships

With careful consideration to the organizations operating budget, we prepared a detailed breakdown of the various expenses associated with the event, encompassing venue costs, speaker fees, accommodations, meals, transportation, art event expenses, and the fine dining experience. Leveraging sponsorships and strategic partnerships, our team successfully offset costs and secured additional resources, elevating the retreat and ensuring a remarkable experience for all participants.

Venue Selection

To create an atmosphere of luxury and exclusivity, only prestigious venues were chosen to host the group for lodging, meeting, and dining to deliver a 5-Star experience. After thorough research TDC selected an all-suite full-service hotel that offered posh accommodations and hosted the opening night reception and dinner.  The hotel was in a prime location, allowing the group to explore the destination on their own. One of the partnering organizations offered to host the meeting at their upscale conference facility complete with a scenic backdrop offering beautiful views of the city. The venue offered private meeting spaces, and a private caterer was contracted to provide the meals.

Art & Wine Experience Brunch

To provide a unique cultural experience, an art and wine brunch event was incorporated into the retreat. TDC secured the art gallery to host the event for this unique experience.  We researched and selected a local caterer that came highly recommended, we worked with the caterer to design a menu that would complement the location and provide the right amount of variety for the group, and the food was exquisite. We worked with our design team to incorporate custom branding that fit the theme of the event. Participants were able to enjoy a gourmet brunch with live activations in the center of an art gallery completely surrounded by beautiful art from local and global artists. They also had the unique opportunity to engage with the owners of the gallery as they explained the origin of the art being displayed and conducted Q&A.  Afterwards the group was directed outside to the gallery’s garden to enjoy dessert and a curated wine tasting from an Elevate founding member’s vineyard in Argentina. This unique event was aimed to foster creativity, cultural appreciation, and networking in a relaxed setting. What an inspiring finale for the closing event.  

5-Star Dining Experience

A fine dining experience was organized in one of the city’s top 5-Star restaurants to create an environment of sophistication and celebration at the final group dinner. TDC coordinated with the chef to design an exquisite multi-course family style menu accompanied by curated wine pairings to complement the food selections. The dinner was held in a private dining room overlooking the Chicago riverwalk, which served as the perfect backdrop for elegance in a calm setting after an intensive day of programming. To provide an even more personalized experience TDC provided a custom menu with the group’s branding incorporated and additional branding on the room’s TV monitor reflecting the theme of the current session.

The Result

The Elevate: Executive Leadership Retreat provided a transformative experience for the participants, empowering them to embrace their leadership potential and excel in their healthcare careers. Through the strategic planning sessions and executive leadership workshops, participants gained valuable insights, tools, and strategies to navigate the complexities of healthcare leadership in an upscale and inspiring environment.